Virginia Mason Richardson

I've always been writing. I know there was a time before I learned English and how to put pen to paper, but I don't remember that, and I imagine that I started stringing words together as soon as someone put a crayon in my hand.

I started writing prose, poetry, and music as a young child, and I fell in love with script writing when my middle school drama teacher made us all write one act plays. He submitted mine to a statewide playwriting competition, and to my surprise, I won. Twice. That's when I figured maybe I could make this writing thing work.

From there, I spent my summers at creative writing programs and studied screenwriting at Vassar College, where I also spent a lot of time studying human evolution and philosophy.

When I graduated in 2009, the economy was a disaster and so was my health. I'd been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and epilepsy and felt sick most of the time. Then, I had a huge spiritual awakening and spent my twenties studying spiritual practices and ideas.

Through this work, I grew to understand my intuition and psychic gifts, and I discovered that magic is real. As I accepted this new reality, all of my illnesses completely disappeared. So I founded Fleeting Connections to share my stories and help other people change their lives by embracing their magical ways. Through all of this, I kept writing.

I wrote a weekly and monthly relationship advice column for through May 2018, and I continue to contribute occasional articles about magic and my client work.

I also write regular memoir-based stories on my blog and have just finished writing my first book.

I live and work in New York City.

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